How to store your wine ?

Most important: keep the wine away from light, in a cool place if possible. Avoid brutal changes of temperature.
Also beware of vibrations: dishwashers ... Metro (in Paris for instance). So leave apart lovely presentations in the kitchen, good for mineral waters.

The wine maker’s corner

A few hints to taste wine. The art of tasting wines is complex. It includes: look, nose, taste, touch and hearing to be complete.
For a good tasting, avoid cooking smells, heavy perfume and tobacco smells... Choose the right time: late morning and late afternoon are the proper moments for a good wine tasting.
Very important: choosing the proper glass. Your fingers must not warm the liquid. So a glass with a large foot is necessary.
The glass must be transparent, of a proper size, with an ample bottom and a narrower neck in order to concentrate the aromas. Banish plastic cups.

The look :

The visual exam is part of the tasting. It will give you lots of information about the colour, the brightness, the limpidity and the viscosity.

The flavour (nose) :

First smell the wine, then stir, and smell it again. Decantation won’t be necessary if there is no difference between the two observations. If not, decantation is necessary.The purposed is to look for four flavours. Fruity, floral, vegetal and animal.

The taste :

Tasting requires only a small quantity of wine. Let it line your palate before throwing it away. This will confirm or invalidate the first impressions watching and smelling gave you.
This tasting helps to determine sweet, salty acid and even bitter flavours. The duration of the perception of a wine taste will allow you to determine the quality of a wine, the longer the better.

The touch:

Through the tongue as well as through all the mucous membranes inside your mouth you will be able to distinguish several aspects which are important for a tasting: astringency, harsh aspect of the tannins, and alcohol burning sensation are to be taken into account.

The hearing (noise):

What about the hearing? Why do you think we tinkle glasses ?

What to drink wine with ?
  • For the aperitif : Drink a nice white wine rather than exotic alcohols. Château Noel St Laurent White 2008 is perfect.
  • During a meal :
      Avoid wine with Salad, water is more appropriate.
      Shell-fish,terrines and white meals are perfect with a generous Château Noel St Laurent White 2007.
      Zephyr red VDPis perfect with Pizza, barbecue, pastas. It is light and fruity. Zephyr Rosé VDP is perfect for barbecue, spicy cooking, Indian or Chinese food.
      Roast beef, kidney pies etc, Château Noël St Laurent Red 2006/2007.
      With Cheese : On the contrary to the common knowledge, white wines are more appropriate with cheese than red wines.
      A little trick to help you match wine with cheese:
      Choose a wine from the same region as the cheese. Sancerre with Crottin de Chavignol, a Jura wine with Comté, an Alsace wine with munster, even Cidre with Camembert, and why not a Maury with Roquefort? And of course White Côte du Rhône is perfect with Provence goat cheese.