At a distance of 10km South East from Avignon, the Noël St Laurent Castle dates back to the late 13th century. The vocation of this simple fortified farm was a shelter for the Pilgrims to St Jacques de Compostelle.
The management of the place was given by the popes – then living in Avignon – to the Carthusian monks. As the coat of arms: a grill referring to St Laurent’s martyr who was burnt, topped by the cross symbol of the Carthusian congregation, added to the two tied keys symbol of the pope’s property.


«Pièces découvertes autour du Château appelées oboles »

The Popes court’s being very fond of the wine produced on the surrounding hills, the monks improved its culture. Destroyed and rebuilt several times, the castle, then property of the EARL de Felix family in the 18thg century takes its present architecture.


Since the late 1940’s the Noël family tries to maintain and respect this centuries old wine growing tradition in order to transmit it to the future generations.


Brigitte has her natural skill for time, things that happen at the right moment, quietly, as life, as wine. At first she studied biology, then she chose to bring up her children.


By her side, her husband Didier who studied international tax systems, was deeply attached to the family’s properties, manages a huge tree-growing domain then decides to restructure and convert the family business into wines. He invited her “it would be nice if you could help me!...”. Starting again, learning it all, the idea seduces the audacious Brigitte. After studying the Suze la Rousse wine university, she now has her own cellar. She vinifies, he manages and develops the vineyard. The Château Noël St Laurent wines are their common achievement, built on balance, sense of harmony, personal expression.